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The Dissolution of New York's Yiddish Theatrical Museum (1927)

This is a letter of gratitude Max Weinreich wrote to Jacob Shatzky in 1927 for materials Shatzky sent to him for the Theater Museum. In the letter, Weinreich also alludes to other materials that Shatzky had not yet sent. He also refers to…
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The Yiddish Theatrical Museum (1926)

One of the only surviving documents from the Yiddish Theatrical Museum of New York City and the only one revealing the address of its headquarters. A letter from Jacob Shtazky calling for materials for a publication to be put out by the Yiddish…
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Letter to Chaim Grade from American Visitor

Letter to Yiddish writer Chaim Grade, a leading member of the Yung Vilne (Young Vilna) literary group, from B. Hariton, a friend in New York who had recently visited the city.

The Dybbuk Tours Europe

This article (undated) is a first-person acount by the director Dovid Herman of his experience directing The Dybbuk in Oslo, Norway. In 1927, the actor and theater pioneer Agnes Mowinckel (1875-1963), ran the Balkongen Theater, a short-lived…
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Ida and Zygmunt Donate the Theater Museum to YIVO in Vilna (1927)

The collections of the Esther-Rachel Kaminska Theater Museum grew considerably in a very short time. In 1927, Ida and Zygmunt donated the museum to YIVO (then known as the Yiddish Scientific Institute and located in Vilna). This led to Yiddish…
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Kultur lige stamps

Fundraising stamps for the Kultur-lige organization
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