Jewish Immigration to America

YIVO Migration and Immigration Collections

The YIVO Archives is one of the foremost resources for the study of Jewish immigration to America and of Jewish migration in general. Below is a partial list of related collections (record groups) in the YIVO Archives, many of which have been drawn on for this online exhibition.

In truth, there are many more "migration" collections in the archives, including the personal papers of Jewish writers, artists, scholars, and communal activists, whose life stories included experiences as refugees and immigrants.

· RG 406 Alliance Israelite Universelle (Borenstein-Eisenberg Collection)

· RG 335 American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

· RG 595 Committee for the Study of Recent Immigration from Europe (CSRIE)

· RG 294.5 DP Camps: Photographs

· RG 312 Educational Alliance

· RG 126 Genealogy and Family History

· RG 249 German Jewish Children's Aid

· RG 245 HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)

· RG 651 Jewish Agricultural Society (Baron de Hirsch Fund)

· RG 236 Jewish Colonization Association

· RG 278 Papers of Joseph Perkins Chamberlain

· RG 247 National Coordinating Committee for Aid to Refugees

· RG 248 National Refugee Service

· RG 1941 One Thousand Children

· RG 246 United Service for New Americans